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Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

We are sad to see the summer go, but so EXCITED to welcome back our wonderful KP children! As we begin this 2018-2019 school year, we are looking ahead to all the awesome friendships, projects, and events! We are so happy to have your child back at school with us and wish you and your family the best school year!

• Due to high numbers of registration this year, we are currently only able to accept DROP IN registration for the 2018-2019 school year. To be added to a waitlist for full-time registration, please contact Dana at kpsequoyah@gmail.com.

• If your child needs to keep medication on hand at Kid’s Place (i.e. inhaler, allergy medication, etc.), you must complete the Medication Permission Form, which can be found on the Registration link on our website.  Medications must be in the original packaging with instructions from guardians or prescribing physicians (for any prescribed medication).

• If you would like to add your child to the homework list, please add their name to the homework sign-up sheet the next time you sign them out of Kid’s Place OR send an e-mail to kpsequoyah@gmail.com.

Fall Dates to Remember:

August 22 – First Day for Kindergarten
September 3 – Labor Day (KP CLOSED)
October 8-12 – Fall Break
KP In-service Dates – October 8-10
November 6 – In-service
November 21-23 – Thanksgiving Holiday
December 21 – ½ Day for students

If you have any questions regarding registration, dates to remember, etc., feel free to contact Dana at kpsequoyah@gmail.com.

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